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Pop Stunna is not just a name anymore, it's a movement now.

Based in Austin, Texas, musical artist POP STUNNA is an emerging persona that embodies tranquility, composure, perseverance, and authenticity. These qualities have been vital in Stunna's creativity accompanied by his dynamic raps, alluring melodies, and distinctive beats in building his endlessly growing and diverse audience.


 Pop Stunna's moniker was derived from his personality. The "Pop" came from exhibiting astonishing wisdom at an early age, and "Stunna", an idiom, that expresses his exquisite style, distinguished taste and regality in his demeanor. 


Hailing from Nigeria, Pop began writing songs at the age of 13 which laid the cornerstone of a vision to become an artist. Pop Stunna then moved to the United States with tenacity, determination, and purpose turning that dream into a reality. He prides himself on nurturing and cultivating that childlike creativity, despite obstacles and disappointments. The rise and falls of his pursuit has shaped his mindset to progress as an artist than when he began his journey. 


Highly educated and internationally well-traveled, Pop Stunna has visited over 40 countries and emanates being educated by holding multiple degrees. 


Known for his versatility and ingenuity, Pop Stunna's music is unique and innovative to his brand. His diverse musical palate is attributed to the influences of Jay Z, Kanye West, The Beatles, Lupe Fiasco, Nina Simone and Nas. Stunna's originality has afforded him to work with with multiple top artists in the industry, most notably was his collaboration with FamousDex in the song "Monsta". 




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